Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I’ve always thought it slightly presumptuous that I should deem my life interesting enough to expect other people to read this blog is not about me. Instead, it’s about some of the things I’m most passionate about, and why they’re important to me. This seems to have started off pretty formally, but it’s just going to be a series of conversations. With myself? With you? Who knows?

This entry is called impossible because that’s my philosophy on life right now. Most of that word is POSSIBLE. Just like most things in long as you set your mind to them.

I’m making this one short because I promised myself I wouldn’t start till after finals, so more later. But while we’re on the topic of finals….the situation at Legon (check it out on Ghanaweb) has had me alternately shocked, disgusted and just sad.

More later, dare to dream:-)

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paa.kwesi said...

i like the idea that imPOSSIBLE is mostly made up of POSSIBLE.

as for legon... due...