Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two New Investec Funds Target African Markets

"FUND manager Investec Asset Management yesterday announced the launch of two funds investing in African markets, to tap further into the continent's vast
investment potential.... "

interesting development drawing attention to financial markets outside south africa. hopefully the interest in the huge potential for returns in some of the sub-sharan african markets leads to better access to capital for companies operating in these countries. IMHO access to cpaital has long been a problem, and is a key component in tackling the challenge of development through entrepreneurship. Unfortunately the returns haven't been very consistent, with the GSE (ghana) having a terrible run for the better part of this year.
In addition to this we need to get our governments (and people) to ensure better governance, so investors ( both from within and outseide the country) have better security. Then that'll pave the way for more interesting investments, like the expansion of PE firms outside of south africa, and access to venture funsing on a larger scale.

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Brother Jero (BJ) said...

New to your blog and first on this post. Great. Well I totally agree with you, a focus on the home markets is key. The thing here is investment education & opportunities is paramaount.

There are many africans out here with a great education and money and need that form of direction.

Great stuff.