Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Malaria Monitor" wristwatch - Engadget

"Malaria Monitor" wristwatch - Engadget

another interesting gadget which i came across....pricks you four times a day and lets you know whether parasites in your blood have reached a critical level "before symptoms manifest themselves"

according to the article, there has been much interest in this yet-to-be-launched device, with 'several African governments and the WHO' having expressed interest, as well as mining companies.
if it will be on sale to individuals, i imagine that the personal market will be huge as well, judging from the number of people i have had to convince that malaria does not mean certain death :-)

not being ahuge fan of needles, i'm wary of being pricked four times a day ( although the $280 price tag means i will not be purchasing one anyway)
i also wonder about whether people might consider sharing them? perhaps students on budget trips...
but certainly an interesting device

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nii adom said...

Interesting device for sure but i am not sure i see the use. So it tells me i am about to get Malaria and then ...

Shouldn't African governments be more interested in solutions to the basic issue. From "life skills" class, i remember it had something to do with getting rid of stagnant water, etc ...

How about a watch that pricks corrupt officials anytime they ask for a bribe or do something stupid. Let's see african governments rally around such a device.

On the comment about sharing the watch - umm, not a good idea. I would rather malaria sneak up on me than share a needle with another person.